FiftyWelcome to the comprehensive online resource for 50th birthdays. A 50th birthday is a huge milestone in anyone’s life, so having reached the half century mark you need to make sure that you celebrate in the best way possible.

Whatever it is that you’re looking for – whether it’s ideas for ways to celebrate, gifts or decorations – then we can help.

Take a look through all the different sections below to find what you’re looking for…

50th Birthday Gifts

Birthday PresentWhen you’ve reached your 50th birthday you’ve seen most presents out there. No doubt you’ve been given several woolly jumpers over the years and far too many socks to even count. The last thing you want when you’re fifty is to receive the same things as before.

Therefore we’ve hand-picked the best gifts that the web has to offer and put them together in one place.

You can skip to our top 10 gifts, which include everything from original newspapers from the day you were born to personalised calendars and pizza.

Why not also have a look through the sections below:

  • Personalised Gifts – 50th birthday gifts with that special personalised touch.
  • Gift Experience Days – for the active 50 year old, you can give them the gift of golf, flying or chocolate making amongst other things.
  • Gifts That Cost Under £10 – if you’re on a budget or need to top-up your main present then this is the place to do it.


Top 10 Gifts for 50th Birthdays

Our hand-selected list of the most popular 10 gifts is a great place to start when looking around for a birthday gift. All these gifts are seasoned sellers, tried and tested with thousands of recipients, and yet they are unusual enough to still bring a look of surprise when opened.

Three Popular Gifts


50th Birthdays Cards

50th Birthday CardA birthday card always adds that personal touch to any gift, even more so once you reach the half century mark. 50 year olds also really appreciate greeting cards, even if they aren’t so common nowadays with younger people.

Take a look through this selection of 50th birthday cards.

The selection includes cards which come with CDs, DVDs, and even a 3D card.

50th Birthday Party Decorations

50th PartyFinally, if you’re planning a 50th party then you’re going to need some decorations!

With so many different themes and balloons to choose from, you’ll find everything you need to host a memorable party.