Any great birthday party needs a large amount of balloons and a 50th birthday is no different.

With the balloons below you can find exactly what you need, whether it’s a large pack, one-off unusual balloons, or just some simple 50 balloons. Also, don’t forget the helium cylinder at the bottom of the page – the last thing you want is to not be able to blow them up!

Balloon Packs

The staple of any birthday party is a large number of balloons, so pick up one of the balloon packs below:

Pink Balloon PackBalloon PackFading Balloon Pack

Unusual Balloons

For balloons which you don’t see every day, check out these ones below:

Dots and Stripes BalloonRadiant Balloon

Standard Balloons

Just looking for one or two fairly standard 50th party balloons? Then take a look at these below:

Diamond ClearRedBlue


Finally, don’t forget that you’ll need some helium to inflate the balloons. Take a look at this small Helium Cyclinder.