When you hit the 50 mark you’ve seen most things, including most birthday cards.

However, with our selection below of unusual 50th cards you might just find something which will surprise them on the day:

50th Birthday 3D Card with a CD

3D Card

3D has been the buzz word over the past 12 months, with a number of 3D movies hitting our screens and retailers really starting to push 3D TVs. Therefore show that you’re on the retail pulse and give this 3D greetings card.

However, what really makes this card stand out is the CD that it comes with, as it contains 20 of the best tracks from the 1970s.

Card with Music CD from 50 Years Ago

50th Music CD CardWhere the card above comes with a CD which contains 20 music tracks from the 1970s, this card takes things a step further and contains a CD with 20 of the best singles from exactly 50 years ago. They’ll know exactly what everyone was listening to at the time that they arrived in the world.

What’s great about these cards is that they are excellent gifts and cards in one. With this card it doesn’t matter if you don’t fork out on an expensive present as well.

50th DVD Greeting Card

50th DVD CardIf music isn’t really their thing then fear not, this 50th DVD card could be just what you’re looking for.

Along with this greetings card comes a DVD, containing a special documentary of all the top events and celebrities from exactly 50 years ago, so on the special day you can all sit back on the sofa and relive the past.

Retro Milestone Birthday CD Card

50th Milestone Card

A great card for a big birthday occasion like someone’s 50th.

The card features iconic images from the era 50 years ago and a CD is included which contains 20 hit songs from back then, sure to get the memories rolling back.

When you think of retro cards then this is exactly the type of card that you’ll have in mind.

Personalised 50 Today Card

50 Today

This “50 Today” card is a little more traditional and a “safer” choice although by no means is it dull.

However, it does have a nice twist with the fact that you can personalise the card by adding the name of the recipient at the top of it.

It’s a bright, happy card that anyone would be happy to receive.

‘Best Birthday Ever’ Personalised Card

Best Birthday Ever CardMost people dread their 50th birthday so this card mocks that with the writing ‘Best Birthday Ever’ on the front along with a picture of a baby in fun glasses.

It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of even the grumpiest 50 year old!

It’s a large A5 glossy card and, as is the case with all these cards, you can choose to have it sent directly to the recipient if you prefer.

50th Birthday News Card

Photo Upload News CardThis is a photo upload card so choose a different card if you don’t have any suitable photos on your computer.

The card makes a news headline of the person’s 50th birthday, similar to the spoof newspaper gifts that you can buy.

It’s a fun card which has proven popular time and time again.