if you’re on a budget or just need to add something special to your current present then you can do much better than the gifts below, with all of them costing less than £10:

‘Your Life At 50’ Photo Album

Your Life at 50 AlbumPerhaps inspired by the ‘This is Your Life’ TV programme, this is a big red book with the message ‘Your Life at 50’ on the front. Everyone loves to remember special occasions – this book is the perfect way to do that.

The album has room for 72 photos – plenty of space to record memories of the special day. Or alternatively you could buy it early and then add in the photos before giving it as a gift.

50th Birthday Pocket Album

Pocket 50th Photo AlbumYou can now keep those memories safe with this 50th birthday pocket album. The album is personalised with a large 50 on the outside and can contain up to 40 photos.

Personally we would always go for the ‘Your Life at 50’ album above because it’s actually cheaper and larger, but if you aren’t keen on it for any reason then this is a great alternative. It also comes in its own gift box.

50th Mini Glass Token

Mini Glass TokenThis is a fantastic sparkly gift for a 50th birthday and in fact is also a popular choice with those people who are lucky enough to be celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

This glass token would make an excellent addition to the ornaments in any 50 year old’s home, and is one of the most stylish gifts that you can give at such as low price.

50th Birthday Radio Themed Mug

Radio Theme MugThe age of 50 is around the time when most people start to reminisce about the past. This radio themed mug will allow the birthday boy or girl to do exactly that, as all along the side of the mug is information and facts about what happened in the year they were born.

You can also personalise the mug by putting your own message on the side.

Life After 50 – The Men’s Survival Guide

Survival Guide for MenAny man who has reached 50 knows the aches and pains that it brings with it. It’s no longer possible to drink late into the night, early nights are always welcome, and the ability to play sport is either hindered or very painful!

Well, now you can remind the guy who’s 50 about all these little strains with this fun ‘Life After 50’ survival book for men. It’s guaranteed to bring a smile to his face!

Life After 50 – The Women’s Survival Guide

Survival Guide for WomenFor a woman of 50 their first grey hair is a distant memory. There are all other types of aches and issues to overcome and this book will help them see the funny side of reaching this often less-than-welcome milestone.

The ‘Life After 50’ book for women is packed full of amusing cartoons and clever observations, along with plenty of tongue in cheek advice for the birthday girl.

50 Years Wine Bottle Stopper

Bottle Stopper

This sparkly wine bottle stopper is a fantastic keepsake.

Unlike cheaper bottle stoppers this one actually works well and does the job of keeping the wine fresh, as it comes with a chain and ring which work together to securely keep the stopper on the wine bottle.

50th Sparkly Photo Frame

50 Years Photo Frame

When it’s someone’s 50th birthday it’s a chance to buy something different, so don’t go for the same old photo frames that everyone else buys.

Instead why not get this sparkly 50th photo frame. It accommodates a 2 by 2 inches photo and comes in a smart gift box.