GiftsEveryone is looking for something slightly different in their perfect gift.

Therefore we’ve separated all the 50th birthday gifts into separate sections, including a bestsellers list, a personalised section, and gifts for those people who are on a limited budget.

Browse through the different sections to find the right gift for you:

The Top 10 Gifts for 50th Birthdays – these are the most popular 50th birthday presents and there must be a reason for this – they tend to prove very popular with the recipient.

Here are two of the most popular 50th gifts at the moment:

50th Birthday Calendar Personalised Champagne

Personalised 50th Birthday Gifts – a good way of making your gift a little more special is to choose something personalised. Just be aware that these gifts tend to take a little longer to produce, so if you’re looking for a last minute gift you might be best off avoiding this section.

However, if you’re planning ahead and there’s time for delivery then these gifts are certainly worth a look, regularly proving to be our most popular section.

Experience Days & Gift Vouchers – 50 year olds can still easily get out and about so why not give them a gift experience voucher to try out something that they wouldn’t normally do.

The gift experiences might not fall within everyone’s budget, but if you have the money then these are very well-received.

Gifts Under £10 – if you’re stuck on a tight budget or are just looking to top-up your main present then this is the section for you. There’ll be no dent in your bank account after buying these gifts!

50th Birthday Cards – especially important if you’re buying a present for a woman, here are some fun and unique 50th birthday cards, many of which you’ve probably never seen before. These aren’t the kind of cards that you get on the high street!

In fact, some of these cards are so unique that they are almost a card and a present in one.