Here’s our selection of the best personalised gifts for 50th birthdays that the web has to offer:

Original Historic Newspaper

Original NewspaperBe original and give someone an original historic newspaper! You can choose a newspaper from the day that they were born 50 years ago so they can see exactly what life was like the day they entered the world, rather than simply reading about it in history books.

Unlike some newspapers this newspaper isn’t a copy. It’s an original version which has been saved and preserved for the past 50 years.

Personalised 50th Birthday Champagne

Personalised ChampagneReaching the half century milestone is quite an achievement – if you can’t celebrate that then there’s not much that you can celebrate. With this champagne they’ll be able to celebrate entering the second half of the century in style!

To make the champagne a little more special the bottle is personalised with their name and an optional message from you.

50th Birthday Calendar

50th Birthday CalendarWhatever age we are, apart from perhaps when we were children, we all need a calendar to help keep track of all our commitments and invites, even more so when you’re 50 years old.

When it comes to calendars this one couldn’t be much more perfect for a 50 year old, as their name or a message of your choice is superimposed on the image for every month.

Personalised Bottle of Whisky

Personalised WhiskyIt’s strange how younger people frequently never consider whisky as a possible drink to have and yet all this changes as we get older, perhaps as whisky is quite an acquired taste.

Therefore embrace this fact and give them a personalised 50th birthday bottle of whisky. It’s a stunning bottle and the whisky inside is also of an excellent quality, of a high enough standard to satisfy any seasoned whisky drinker.

Personalised Vinyl Plaque

Personalised Vinyl PlaqueEveryone likes music and it just seems to be the way of the world that we always prefer music from our era. Plus these days vinyl records have an extra special feeling about them when compared to ordinary CDs.

This gift allows you to tap into that special feeling with a personal vinyl record plaque of a single from any year of your choice.

Personalised 50th Birthday Bottle of Wine

Personalised 50th Birthday WineThese days it seems that every second person is a wine expert, informing you of how best to drink and taste wine.

However, not many of these wine experts will have received their very own personalised bottle of wine.

With this gift you can also choose between your preferred wine type – red, white or rose wine.

Engraved Pewter Tankard

Engraved Tankard

It wouldn’t be a special birthday occasion without an engraved Pewter tankard, personalised with the words of your choice.

This tankard comes in a gift box and is a gift to keep forever, allowing the birthday boy to enjoy cold beers in it for many years to come, and of course every time they do this they’ll be reminded of your generosity.

Personalised Passport Holder

Personalised Passport Holder

As we reach the grand old age of 50 we typically like to go travelling a little more and start to see the world. Therefore what better gift is there than a high quality genuine leather passport holder.

It comes in a gift box and can be personalised with their initials.