We’ve hand-picked the top 10 gifts for 50th birthdays. All are massive sellers and completely tailored for a 50th birthday:

1. Original Historic Newspaper

Original NewspaperWithout doubt the number 1 gift, an original newspaper is always a massively intriguing gift. Any date that you choose is available and it’s an original copy rather than a re-print.

The newspaper is usually an original Times newspaper but in some cases, particularly if the birthday lands on a Sunday, you’ll receive a different newspaper.

2. Personalised 50th Birthday Champagne

Personalised ChampagneWhat better way to celebrate the 50 year mark than by drinking champagne with your name on it! A personalised bottle of champagne really is the way to celebrate in style.

The champagne is a delicious blend of Pinot Noir and Meunier. With the champagne you get to leave a gift message and you also have the option of giving it in a luxury gift box package.

3. Stylish Shoes

Hotter Shoes Buying shoes online these days is big business and given some of the deals that are available it’s not all that surprising.

Hotter Shoes is a fantastic choice when it comes to purchasing shoes and with a discount code you can save money on your next purchase. 50 year olds love their shoes so, once you have their shoe size, why not pop over to Hotter Shoes and buy them a pair of shoes.

4. 50th Birthday Chocolate Pizza

Chocolate PizzaEveryone loves chocolate annd everyone loves pizza, so why not combine the two and make a chocolate pizza! Well that’s exactly what has happened with this delicious chocolate pizza.

However, that’s not all. The pizza has also been personalised to make it a perfect 50th birthday gift. It also comes in a pizza delivery box just to add to the novelty factor.

5. 50th Birthday Calendar

50th Birthday CalendarPersonalised calendars are always big sellers. This one comes with a 50th birthday image on the front and 13 amazing images inside. You can add a personalised message to each of the 13 images.

The calendar is available in 3 sizes – two desk sizes and a A4 wall size – and don’t think that this is just a gift for the turn of the year. The calendar can start on the month of your choice.

6. Personalised Bottle of Whisky

Personalised WhiskyAt the risk of generalising, the older generation do love their whisky. Therefore why not give a personalised bottle of whisky as a birthday present.

Now, the older generation also tend to know their whisky inside out, so you can’t go giving a low quality bottle. With this gift you needn’t worry – it’s a high quality 12 year old Lowland Malt Whisky, something that they will certainly appreciate.

7. 50th Birthday Photo Frame

50th Photo FrameThis is a photo frame which features the message ‘Happy 50th Birthday’. The photo frame is tarnish resistant and comes in its own luxury gift box. It can display photos which are 5-inches by 3-inches.

What gets this gift into our top 10 is the price. At around £5 it’s amazing value and makes a great addition to a main present.

8. ‘Fab at 50’ Cufflinks

50th CufflinksThese ‘Fab at 50’ cufflinks are just what you need to keep a 50 year old guy young at heart! You can be proud to show these cufflinks off as they are hand-decorated and not mass-produced in a factory.

The cufflinks are made from bone china tile and come in a soft blue case. At a low price of under £20 you’ll also have money left over to buy something else.

9. ‘Fab at 50’ Terramundi Money Pot

Terramundi Money PotTerramundi Money Pots are ancient pots which were used to keep money for the past 2,000 years, predominately in Italy and the surrounding regions. The tradition is that once a coin is dropped into the pot it must be filled up before smashed upon once it is full.

This Terramundi Money Pot comes with a ‘Fab at 50’ message on the outside.

10. Personalised Twin 50th Birthday Bottles of Wine

Personalised 50th Birthday WineIf the 50th birthday boy or girl isn’t particularly keen on champagne or whisky then you can get them a personalised bottle of wine instead.

However, with this gift you don’t get only one but instead two bottles of wine. The labels of both can be fully personalised and as an added bonus you can select between Red and White bottles of wine.